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To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one's family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one's own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.


The real meaning of enlightenment is to gaze with undimmed eyes on all darkness.

Nikos Kazantzakis

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My Story

I am a psychic-empath, a mystic, and a Marine Corps veteran.  I was born intuitively gifted but my gifts developed more over time as I began to understand what was happening and explore it with intention.  My youth was filled with paranormal and metaphysical experiences.  As a lifelong ET contactee I have had many experiences of high strangeness throughout my life, from the mystical and paranormal to the other worldly.  I have had so many amazing and interesting experiences that add to the teachings the universe has blessed me with but there are a few in particular that stand out as pivotal. 

I was leaving my girlfriends house late one night when I was 17.  Her cousin was upstairs and I could tell he was feeling down.  He asked if I would talk with him before I left and I agreed so he grabbed a bottle of his aunts wine and we sat outside up the hill on the gravel road in my car.  When he began to describe what he was going through I shared with him other ways that he could view things and began to lift his spirits.  I helped him out of a dark place and by the end of it I could feel his total relief.  He then told me, "I wasn't going to tell you this, but I was planning on killing myself tonight.  I just wanted to talk with someone before I did it."  It sent chills through me and I had such huge wave of gratitude flowing through me.  I dropped him off and just a few feet down the road what happened next would stick with me forever.  I felt this huge wave of unconditional love surround my whole body that was so intense and so powerful I had to pull over. It was the most intense thing that I had ever felt.  I knew that it was God surrounding me.  It was a love so powerful that it cant not be described with words.  I began to sob with tears of joy as I sat there being held by this presence.  I looked for many years to try and find how to get back to that place. And now.. I can feel it in others when they describe their near death experiences having reach that place with a love so powerful that is truly beyond words.

In 2008, when I was in Iraq, I spontaneously performed my first energy healing session with no training or experience.  Despite being in a war zone I began to meditate 1-3 hours a day.  It opened up my gifts and began to expand my understanding of them. During the time I was there my mother was constantly worried about me and we began to practice our telepathic communication.  I could always tell when she wanted me to call her as I heard her voice clearly in my head as well as feel her emotionally. One day I felt a deep depression in her.  I knew if I did not act right then that she could very well try and end her own life but I did not know what to do. I tried to find a solution online but nothing really helped. I looked up and and had the thought, "I will do anything just show me what to do."  The next day while I was taking a shower a hologram of her light body appeared in front of me.  I would follow the guidance of the energy and it was showing me dark spots in her abdomen and I felt that I was meant to rake it out and fill it with light.  I found that I could also zoom out and see the house and the whole property and would drop massive amounts of light onto it and zoom back it. I tried but could not contact her after.  The next day it happened again.  When I finally got ahold of her she had told me that the energy was so intense that she had to lay down and passed out for 18 hours the first day and 12 hours the next.  When she awoke her depression that she had for 15 years was completely gone, her pain was gone, and she was outside gardening for the first time in months. This began my journey with energy healing.  I'd like to say that she was 100% better after that without any other problems ever again... however over the years that followed, while her mental state never returned to the state it was in prior to this work, slowly her physical condition returned. From that I learned, through the many modalities that I studied, how important the emotional and belief states are and how they affect a persons condition and what they manifest into their life.  Emotions and beliefs are now the first things I look at when examining a person energetically.  From there we can create lasting change. 

While I was in Iraq I began to explore many things.  I studied and researched quantum physics to explain how some of the things I was experiencing was possible from a scientific lens and after I had the healing experience with my mom I began to search out for other modalities and research ways to expand consciousness. One day I came across something called ayahuasca.  During that time it was not very well known and I knew right away when I saw it that I was called to do it.  It was only 3 months after I got back from Iraq that I came across someone in the bookstore who told me that she did ayahuasca ceremonies.  Through this divinely orchestrated meeting I was led to do my first ceremony.  Everything about this ceremony, even the days leading, up to it was nothing short of magical.  Every day for a month leading up to the ceremony I would meditate for an hour each day on my intention.  "Embodying my God-Self"... It was an intention that I was intuitively guided to and I really didn't know what that meant or had any definitions of it but I knew that I would be shown.  I drew in this frequency as I meditated while opening up to the infinite possibilities of the Multiverse.  Leading up to the ceremony my psychic friends began to tell me that they were feeling my dead father around me.  My ears got hot and began to ring and then for some reason I looked at phone and I had received an email.  It was an outgoing email I had sent to a genealogist for my tribe when I was trying to find my fathers family about 6 years prior.  In response to her asking who he was the first line read "All I know of my father was his name was Alfred Joseph LaPier and he was from the Little Shell Band of Montana Chippewa."   This happened 4 times leading up to ceremony.  Every time someone mentioned his name and stated that they felt him around me I would get that same email in my inbox.  During the cermony I spoke to my father for the first time.  He was my guide and helped my by telling me when I needed to drink water and helped me with what I needed to release from me.  The whole first half of the ceremony was a purge of anything and everything until I was left in a state of pure emptiness. In the beginning of next half of the ceremony a being appeared in front of me and with a wave of her hand my kundalini shot up my spine and exploded through my crown with a state of pure bliss. Much like the love I felt when I was 17 but this time the bliss was pouring into me and through me instead of just surrounding me.  In that state many siddhic like gifts expressed through me.  I had instant knowing to the answer of any question I could think of, could remote view with crystal clarity as it the things were right in front of me, I knew what everyone in the room was going through and struggling with, and I could bend time and space and open up portals.  In that place and the 2 weeks of bliss and expanded awareness that followed, I got a taste of the true potential we have as humans.

The next few years following my return from Iraq was filled with intensity and many amazing experiences within a very short time frame.  From beings manifesting in front of me, to my first time spontaneously channeling, to meeting myself in a parallel reality... all of these experiences expanded my understanding of the nature of reality, our expanded  true nature, who and what God really is, and who we are in relation to it all. We all have access to that bliss and profound state of love that I experienced while still in this body but we must come to a place where we are free of our own limitations and empty enough that we allow it.  Having been though my own expansion and retraction and identifying blocks from my lineage and personal life I understand both intuitively and from experience what causes expansion, retraction, or limitations within a person to their greatest potential wanting to come through them. When we open to a state where we free ourselves enough to open up fully to who we really are our greater awareness can become our own best teacher and surrender to it can lead to a life beyond anything we can imagine.  

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