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About My Work

My work started by direct intuitive guidance from Source and has developed over time through direct experience, studying other modalities, and continuing guidance from Source. Each session is intuitively guided and crafted to meet the needs and goals of each individual.   

Source Shift Session

As a psychic empath I can tune into your energy centers and read the distortions contained within them.  I can often hear or sense thoughts and beliefs within them, feel buried emotions, see traumas, or get symbolic representations of what you are holding and how it is affecting you.  In these sessions we make the unconscious known and then we release the energies to return you to a state of wholeness and your soul's natural state of being. I will follow the threads of the energy to the source of the problem and then bring in the infinite intelligence, wisdom, and unconditional love of the Divine to shift the energy into its optimal state of being as guided.

This process can be used to free yourself from traumas, examine and achieve alignment to your manifestation goals, and it can be used to achieve the state of emptiness required to progress on your spiritual path towards awakening and enlightenment. 

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3 Session Package

For deeper issues it often takes unwinding the layers through multiple sessions.  In many cases 1 session can make a dramatic difference but to truly get to the bottom of the many layers I typically recommend at least 3 sessions.  

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Free Discovery Call and Consultation

If you have a quick and simple question please use the contact form on this website. 


If you have questions about your situation and goals and want to explore what it might look like to work together then feel free to schedule a discovery call and we will look more deeply at it together. 

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